Senior Q&A: Emerson Pegram has helped fuel 2023 state tournament run, eyeing third championship ring

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Trey Hunter

October 3, 2023
Emerson Pegram (Sr.) is one of seven seniors to help lead the Mustang Broncos to an undefeated district championship run in 2023. Pegram and the Broncos are hosting the regional tournament this week with hopes of punching the team's ticket to the Class 6A state tournament. (Photo by Rebecca Pegram)

Emerson Pegram has two state championship rings, but wants another.

The senior first baseman helped guide the Mustang Broncos to a slow pitch state championship in the spring as the team’s starting pitcher. Mustang also won the slow pitch state title in 2019 – her freshman season – and now, the Broncos and Pegram are geared up for the 2023 fast pitch state tournament this week in Shawnee.

Pegram has been a mainstay in the Mustang infield since her junior season. She played a major role this fall as the Broncos went 14-0 in Class 6A District 4. She also helped spark the Broncos to regional tournament wins over Jenks and Edmond Santa Fe.

But what about her favorite TV show? Who does she listen to when getting hyped for games? Who is her biggest inspiration?

Check out the answers to those questions and more below!

Q: What is your favorite hobby outside of softball?

Spending time with my nieces and nephew. They’re my favorite babies and I never have a bad day when I’m with them.

Q: What is your favorite moment playing softball?

Winning slow pitch state my junior year. I just felt like that year was our year and I had so much fun playing with that group of girls.

Q: What is the best aspect about being a Mustang softball player?

The environment. The environment creates better people and it gives people opportunities to find themselves through a sport that they love.

Emerson Pegram (Sr.) gets set to field a ground ball during the 2022 Class 6A state tournament at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. Pegram and the Broncos are hosting regionals this week with hopes of a return trip to the state tournament. (Photo by Ron Lane / Lane Images)

Q: Who is your favorite athlete or biggest sports hero?

Former St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. He always meant business and he was always a good teammate and always had fun. I aspire to be like that.

Q: What is your favorite sports team?

St. Louis Cardinals. My dad lived there for a little bit so it’s just a given that I like the same team my dad does.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

My big sister, Lexi. She has experienced so many tough things in her life and handled everything with such grace and resilience. I aspire to be as strong of a woman as her.

Q: Favorite breakfast cereal?

Captain Crunch.

Q: Favorite movie and TV show?

My favorite movie is either “10 Things I Hate About You” or “Tangled.” My favorite TV show is either “Criminal Minds” or “Supernatural.”

Q: Favorite music artist?

Eminem. He’s a lyrical genius and I love the way he portrays himself in his songs. He definitely hypes me up before games.

Q: Favorite ice cream flavor?


Q: What are your plans after high school? College? If so, what are you wanting to study?

I plan on attending Oklahoma State University to receive my degree in nursing. I just want to go into a profession where I can help people in a hands-on field.

Q: What is a career path you have in mind after high school and sports?

I plan on going into nursing and being an ICU nurse for a few years and then going to CRNA school to become a CRNA. I chose this career because it takes critical thinking and I feel like I have the skills to thrive in that environment.

Q: Do you have any siblings? Do they play sports?

I have three older sisters. Kourtni, 26, Lexi, 25, and Rebecca, 22. They all played softball most of their lives. Lexi won a softball state title in 2014.

Q: Did your parents play sports in high school or college?

My mom and my dad both played sports in high school. My mom played softball for Western Heights from 1990-1995. My dad ran cross country and played golf for Western Heights from 1986-1990.

Q: What sports did you grow up playing?

I played basketball and softball growing up.

Q: Are you originally from Oklahoma? Have you lived or grown up in Mustang your entire life?

I am originally from Oklahoma, but I didn’t always live in Mustang. We moved from Bethany when I was 2 years old.

Q: Where is a place you have always wanted to visit?

I think it would be so cool and interesting to see the beauty of Ancient Greece.

Q: Who would you vote for as best athlete at MHS – boys and girls?

I feel as though the best girls athlete would be Parker Simonsen. I played basketball with her for a little bit and she has always been able to go out there and do things I don’t see other people do. L.B. Hayes would be my vote for the best boy athlete. He has played multiple sports at a high level and with high intensity and that’s a difficult thing to do.

Q: What are some of the best aspects of playing for coach Lacy Darity and the Mustang coaching staff?

The best aspect of playing for this coaching staff is that they let me be myself. They’ve always let me be my high-energy self and they’ve encouraged it. They always have my back and they always let me know that even if I’ve failed, I have another opportunity to prove myself.

Q: What are some of the best aspects of playing with this group of seniors? What is your favorite memory playing with them?

The chemistry between this group of seniors is unmatched. We all have one goal and we all push ourselves to our limits to get there. My favorite memory of playing with them is every game so far this season. It’s so special to share such a big year with such amazing people.

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